Before commencement of works on site, we will set up a meeting with the Client/ Architect/ Superintendent to establish the expectations of both parties. Agenda items to these meetings shall include the following:

  • Programme
  • Material lead times
  • Site establishment, access, staged completion of areas
  • Working hours
  • Safety and OH&S requirements
  • Meetings and lines of communications
  • Commissioning and then handover

It is our intention to establish clear communication lines with the client/client representatives, the
tenant and site based personnel. We will touch on weekly programme report expectations, financial status
including variation submission processes (if any) and notification of delay practices and prevention of
programme interruptions through timely submission of RFI’s.

During these meetings we will address our organisation chart to ensure the client is always communicating with the correct individual and to inform them who are our decision makers in the company.

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